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BeSure Annual Travel Insurance

If you’re a bit of a jet setter and travel frequently then our annual multi trip insurance is a cost effective option to cover all your holidays and breaks throughout the year. A simple one off payment will secure travel insurance for 365 days and as long as there is no change in your medical conditions, it will save you the hassle of arranging cover for each trip separately.


BeSure Travel Insurance provides annual holiday insurance for individuals, couples and families and offers three geographical areas to choose from:

  • Europe

  • Worldwide excluding USA, Canada and Caribbean

  • Worldwide

You can travel as many times as you like on an Annual policy as long as each trip does not exceed 31 days (from the day you leave the ROI/UK to the day you arrive back in the ROI/UK).


Annual Travel Insurance for Over 65

It can be harder to find annual multi-trip insurance when you’re over 65 but you will be pleased to learn, BeSure does not have an age limit when it comes to offering annual cover.

Applying for Annual Multi Trip Insurance


Get a quick quote here online or give us a call on 00353-1-8558347 and one of our friendly Travel Insurance Team will help arrange a policy tailored around you and your future holiday plans.

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