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FAQ's about Travel Insurance for Cancer

Q: I'm in remission; do I still need specialist cover?

We still need to know about your cancer to ensure you have the right level of cover. However, if you have been cancer free for some years and have not taken any related medication or treatment and had no hospital or clinic visits in the last 2 years, and providing you are not currently under investigation or on a waiting list for treatment, then we won’t charge extra to include cover for the cancer. This means, if you have any complications indirectly related to cancer or cancer related treatment you received in the past, your insurance will protect you (subject to policy terms and conditions).

Q: Can you cover terminal prognosis?

We can and we do, providing your terminal prognosis is more than 6 months from the return date of your trip. We assess each case on individual circumstances. Some areas of the world such as USA, Canada and Caribbean may be more expensive than others.

BeSure Cancer Travel Insurance

BeSure cancer travel insurance policies are not designed with a "one size fits all" approach. BeSure understand that all cases are different, and it would be unfair to treat all cancer patients the same when quoting travel insurance prices. BeSure calculate our premiums based on specific types of cancer, your current treatment regime and of course where and when you are travelling.


What Cancer Holiday Insurance Covers

Our insurance is designed to give you the best protection on holiday and should cancer be the reason you have to cancel, receive unplanned hospital treatment or be repatriated back to the UK, we will pick up the bill (subject to policy terms and conditions). We also provide 24-hour emergency medical assistance, so no matter where you are, help is never far away.

We appreciate your holiday is not about cancer nor should it be and we haven’t forgotten about the other types of protection you will need as a traveller abroad. We also cover the general things such as:


Cancellation & Curtailment           Medical Expenses           Personal Belongings

Personal Accident                           Personal Liability             Loss of Medication

Applying for Cancer Travel Insurance


Our online facility is designed to give you a decision within minutes. Use our built-in medical screening system to declare your type of cancer whether it is Breast Cancer, Bowel Cancer, Prostate Cancer or any other type. If you have secondary cancer, please submit the name of your primary cancer first. You will then be asked if this cancer has spread. Answering ‘Yes’ will take this into account.


If you would rather speak to us, give us a call on 01-8558347. We have an experienced Travel Insurance Team who can help arrange a policy that meets your needs.


Don’t forget your travelling companions! They can receive the same benefits as you if they are on the same BeSure Travel policy.

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