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Medical Travel Insurance for ALL Ages

We've left no stone unturned when considering the travel insurance needs of our customers with existing medical conditions. We have designed a policy that will respond and protect should a crisis occur on holiday. As experts in health travel insurance, we are able to cover thousands of different medical conditions from mild asthma through to cancer and better still, we do not have an age limit for trips up to 3 months.

Cover for Travelling Companions

We’re happy to offer the same benefits to your travelling companions too, even if they do not have any pre-existing health conditions. If you have to cancel the holiday because of your medical conditions, so can they, if they are insured under the same BeSureTravel policy.

Why Cover Pre Existing Medical Conditions?

Without cover for your medical conditions, you run the risk of being out of pocket should you require any unexpected medical treatment abroad. Having adequate cover for your medical conditions can ensure you are protected to cancel or cut short the holiday if you become unwell or require emergency medical attention on holiday. Repatriation back to the Roi/UK is also covered.

Applying for Medical Travel Insurance

Getting a quote only takes a few minutes. You can apply online or over the telephone. To make sure you are quoted the right price and appropriate cover, we ask you to complete a short medical screening. Simply declare the name of your diagnosed medical conditions and you will be asked some relevant questions. Based on what you tell us, we will come back to you with an instant decision. Our Medical Declaration states what conditions you need to declare to us.



Travel insurance for people with medical conditions can be more expensive when travelling to the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. To help budget, it’s worthwhile getting a quote before booking a trip.


Medical Travel Insurance for certain areas of Europe can cost more than others for example Spain, Cyprus and the Canary Islands as they operate a high level of private health care.


BeSure Medical Travel Insurance

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