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Applying for Heart Condition Travel Insurance


We do our best to make the process of applying for cover as stress free as possible and offer two ways in which you can get a quote. If you’re happy to self-screen, then use our online quote form where our inbuilt medical screening facility will prompt you to declare the name of your diagnosed heart condition and any other existing medical conditions you may have. Once you have answered all the questions, we will come back with an instant decision and if you’re happy, you can proceed to buy or save the quote. Alternatively, give us a call on 00353-1-8558347. Our team are very experienced in helping people with heart conditions to get the cover they need and will guide you through the medical screening process on a recorded call. All quotes are confidential and secure; your details will not be passed to any third parties except to handle a claim.


If you would like advice about travelling with heart conditions, NHS UK have a dedicated web - page

BeSure Heart Condition Travel Insurance

You may have found that some travel insurance providers are willing to cover you but NOT your heart condition or at least, not at a fair price? With BeSure Travel Insurance, you don’t have to settle for a policy with a lower level of cover just because you have a heart condition. We’re experts in insuring existing medical conditions and we’re happy to cover Angina, Cardiomyopathy, Heart Attack, Atrial Fibrillation/ Irregular Heartbeat and lots of other types of Heart Disease, giving you peace of mind knowing if your heart condition causes any problems abroad, you will be looked after.


About Our Travel Insurance For Heart Conditions

As well as covering you in case your heart condition results in emergency medical treatment when away, we cover all the basics too, such as cancellation, curtailment, personal property, personal accidents, personal liability and more. We have three policy types, Standard, Premier and Premier Plus, giving you a choice of cover limits so you only have to pay out for the cover you need. All of our heart condition travel insurance policies provide 24 hour medical assistance, so no matter where you are in the world, help is never far away.


Our policies can also benefit your travelling companions. If insured on the same policy as you, they too can be insured against financial loss should your heart condition cause them any trip complications, such as having to cancel the holiday or to stay with you and come home at a later date if you became unwell during the holiday.

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