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Northern Ireland Consumer Council Voice Concerns Over Insufficient Cover For Travellers

The Northern Ireland Consumer Council has found that 44 per cent of people who have travelled abroad from Northern Ireland in the last five years did so without appropriate travel insurance. Scott Kennerly, head of transport policy for the Consumer Council, commented on the finding: "Ensuring consumers have access to affordable and appropriate travel insurance products is a key focus for the consumer Council"

The sensible travellers who did buy insurance said, for the most part, that they did so in order to cover any emergency medical expenses incurred abroad.

Another key area is that often, Insurers may decline cover based on pre-existing medical conditions. As such, it is crucial that people who wish to be covered abroad have appropriate insurance that can cover their medical conditions.

BeSure Travel Insurance are expert providers of travel insurance for those with medical conditions including, but not limited to, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Conditions and Epilepsy.

BeSure Travel Insurance, Specialist cover for You, Your Medical Condition and Your family and friends.

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